sonic inventors

educating myself about sonic inventors oft overlooked in the telling of 20thC music's evolution & beyond >>>



* b. 1932 in Paris

* studied piano
* became a student/assistant of/to Pierre Schaeffer in 1950s
* she wished to explore electronic soundworlds away from 12-tone serialism/musique concrète

* composed with tape feedback & slow composite contents of sounds
* used mainly the ARP2500

"I could change the sound from the inside. To explain it visually, you could imagine a mountain turning into a cup, but so slowly from one state to another; it takes time by nature."¹

* studied Tibetan Buddhism for three years (late 70s)
* she created pieces in honour of Milarepa (Songs of Milarepa & Jetsun Mila
* since 2000 - creating works for acoustic instruments
* concerned with harmonics - less focus on the fundamental pitch as what it exposes within itself

“Things that always fascinated me in classical music are when the ear experiments with uncertainty […] when analysing my work, musically speaking, these moments when it is absolutely impossible to give the ear a real tonal or modal reference can be found in most of it.”²

Kyema (Intermediate States) is from 1988 & is the first part of the Trilogie de la Mort.

It is based on the Bardo Thodol & the cycle of life-death through six stages of consciousness.

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